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About The Band La Touché

I'm Wilson J. Touchet from St. Martin Parish, La. My whole schooling was in Breaux Bridge. My dad was a sharecropper and moved several times but all within the parish of St. Martin.
Joined U.S. Air Force in 1963 and returned home in 1967. Settled in New Orleans, married in 1969, have two wonderful children. I am divorced since 1996. I am retired from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. At the age of 30 I started messing around with the Cajun Accordion, progressively got better and have played with bands, Laissez Faire, (the original and later), Allen Fontenot and P.D. Descant. In 1987, I started my own band; La Touche' and to this day remains strong & successful. 
La Touche'  We have enjoyed trips to Hollywood, Scotland, Minn., Wisc, Ga., Ms, Fla. and Ala. La Touche' has 4 CDs on the Market, 1 commercial and 1 in Europe.

I invite you to check out the members of my band below, click on their names for brief writeup & pictures.

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I have a deep appreciation for the loyalty & dedication of all members of La Touché, they are the greatest!!

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Eddy Deloney Calvin Gaudin Gil Giroir